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  This page lists the authors and a short synopsis for each of the zines listed below.

Legends of the Magnificent Seven ~ Issues 1 23 4,  5  *New*

 *LotR*  'Sons of White Tree' * ~ Gen

'Sinful Seductions'  Mag 7 Slash ~ Issue 1 2  
'Second Chances' Novella ~ Mag 7

 'Poltergeist the Legacy' 
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Legends of the Magnificent Seven Issue # 1          170 pages  Agent sells

The Day Before: (OW):  By Sue
The events leading up to the fateful meetings in Four Corners.

The Con: (OW):  by Lissa Grinstead
Ezra is forced to take on the ultimate con, and the stakes are
the lives of the Seven and the whole town of Four Corners.

Enduring: (OW):  by Debra
An avalanche yields unexpected results for Buck and Ezra,
not to mention the rest of the Seven.

Musicians: (M7 Rocks): by Lissa Grinstead
The band scores a new gig at a new venue.

Horse Sense: (OW) by: Marcaich
The muse ran amok when the writer was on severe sleep deprivation,
and this is the result.........

Coming Together: (M7 Rocks) by: Lissa Grinstead
The band forms up for a ‘one time’ gig.

Out of Time: (OW crossover) by: Carla Rodiguez
The Seven helps Poltergeist: The Legacy from the future with a demon
who time travels,  and Ezra is the key.

Let Not Your Favour & Protection Fail Me: (ATF): by Lissa Grinstead
When a chance meeting with his mother blows Ezra’s cover,
 will it cost him his life?

Trust and Consequences: (ATF): by Kelly A.
When one of the Seven is not trusted, what are the consequences all the
Seven will have to face.

Blue Moon: (OW): by Marcaich
Five years in the future finds our heroes in even more trouble than
they ever had been in.

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Legends of the Magnificent Seven Issue # 2      325 pages  Agent sells

More than Gold  (OW) By NotTasha
Buck, JD & Ezra are sent to guard an unknown shipment & all
seven learn there are things more precious than Gold.

Mag 7 meet Steve Irwin (AU)  By Sarah Bartholomew
Steve Irwin is the hyperactive Australian host of "The Crocodile Hunter",
a nature show in which he runs all over the world enthusiastically
yanking animals out of their natural habitats so he can hold them
up to the camera and coo over them. Now he's found the M7 team.

Shadow of Grey  (ATF)  By  Leigh Richards
Ezra found near death is his apartment. And when its found
out Buck is the assailant the seven must find both the truth &
Buck or Team seven is going to end.

No Tomorrows  (ATF)  By Jean Genie
Ezra totally immerses himself in an undercover assignment,
but will he be able to remember who he really is after its over.

What to say (ATF)   By Ruby
Nathan deals with the death of his father, hoping to make some peace

Somewhere along the Road  (ATF)  By Jean Genie
Sequel to No Tomorrows, Ezra deals with the death of a
girl he knew while undercover.

Glory Hound (ATF)  By Kelly A.
After Chris is injured in a raid, a new commander leads up
Team 7.Is this supposed to a good thing?

High Stakes  (OW)  By Sue Bartholomew
As Halloween draws near, Ezra is attacked by a vampire, and his comrades 

must help him regain his humanity and rid the town of the evil creature who 

turned their friend against them.

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  Legends of the Magnificent Seven Issue # 3        288 pages   Agent sells

Replacement Killers: (ATF) By Brate
Vin takes the place of another sharpshooter who
holds a grudge.

Trust: (OW) by Brigit 'Lee' Kohls
Ezra makes a mistake and Vin pays the Price.
Can Vin forgive Ezra or will he be forced to leave?

Questionable Behavior: (OW) by Kimber
Ezra is accused of the unthinkable. Will his relationship
with the rest of the group ever be the same again?

Lies in the Darkness: (ATF) by KT     107 - 153
Buck must face an old foe, and deal with dark issues.
Warnings: This story contains references to but no
graphic descriptions of m/m rape and torture.

Better Man: (OW) by Jade
Ezra is ambushed while on patrol.

The Perfect Crime: (OW) by KETanner
When the town bank is mysteriously robbed
one of the seven falls under suspicion

Lost Daughters: (OW) by Jilly Harris
A secret Buck's kept from the others about his
pass comes to visit.

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Legends of the Magnificent Seven Issue # 4       168 pages  Agent sells

As Days Go By  OW  by: Luna Dey & Lisa S.

A glimpse into the daily life and thoughts of one Ezra P. Standish.

Can Ezra come to understand himself through the entries in his own journal?


One of Seven  OW  by: K Hanna Korossy

Faith is tested as trials plague all of the Seven.  Who will survive?


Fire  OW   by: LaraMee

Chris, Vin and Nathan.  When Billy Travis is kidnapped after a failed bank 

robbery, an injured Chris Larabee insists on riding out to rescue the boy.


Mothers  OW  by: Kim

A love from above inspires Maude to tell Ezra a secret she's

hidden from him for years.


Little Brothers  OW  by: Renee Gunn

How's does Buck's past relate to JD?


Deliverance  OW   by: TJ

A visitor has arrived in town with a very unusual request. 

The solution will have lasting affects on all of The Seven.


Acceptance  OW   by: Luna Dey

Maude decides it is time to tell Ezra the truth about his past.


The Magnificent Seven, Villain's Word Puzzle   by: LisaS.

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Legends of the Magnificent Seven Issue # 5     313 pages  Agent sells  NEW


Something' Fierce OW    By J Dockery    

An innocent man accused of murder brings trouble to Four Corners, and 

Vin Tanner gets caught up in the danger.  Hurt and alone will Chris and the 

boys find him in time? 


The Stuff of Dreams OW    By K Hanna Korossy

The bonds of friendship, although invisible, have a strength that is not easily broken; 

except by those who are unwilling to see them. Ezra learns about true friendship 

when he tends a gravely injured Buck while they are alone on patrol


Prince of Four Corners OW    By Barb Marx

Ezra once upon a time befriended a young gypsy. He was adopted into the clan and now returns to fulfill an old debt of honor. Vin and Chris go with him to keep him out of trouble.


Guardian Angel OW   By Luna Dey

Ezra's life might never be the same again after a violent storm forces him to take shelter at a distant homestead.


Regrets OW   By Kimber

Ghosts from Maude's past continue to hurt her relationship with Ezra. Now will they also destroy his chance for true happiness?


Bone of Contention  AFT   By J Dockery 

In life things can change, Vin Tanner had taken for granted that his job with the

US Marshall's Office would be long term.  Suddenly he finds himself compelled to accept the offer of a blond stranger and join the newly formed ATF Team.  When

the dangers of his personal life comes to the attention of his new boss tempers flare.



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'Sons of White Tree'   LotR           97 pages Agent Sell  NEW                                     

The White Bird

An ancient superstition brings comfort to the young sons of Denethor following 

the death of their mother.


A Price Too High To Pay                                                  

Pre-Ring War; Boromir is 22, Faramir is 17. Boromir's willingness to sacrifice all for 

the survival of Gondor is tested when Faramir receives his first serious battle wound.


Blindness and Light                                                   

What was Boromir doing between the time he attacked Frodo and the time he ran 

to the rescue of Merry and Pippin?


Boromir's Gift                                                  

Based on the 'Extended Edition' movie version of 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.  

In Lothlorien, Boromir received no gift from Galadriel-or did he?  



Set between 'The Tow Towers' and 'Return of the King'. After releasing Frodo,

Sam and Gollum, Faramir ponders the events of the past few days, and the 

possible future consequences of his actions.


Faramir's Diary                                      

Humor, based on Claire's Very Secret Diaries. The private writings of Faramir, 

son of Denethor, during the suckiest week of his life.



On the night of Aragorn's coronation, Faramir and the new King share an 

emotional discussion concerning the death of Boromir.



The passing of Faramir, Steward of Gondor, told from the perspective of his 

long-dead brother Boromir.


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Second Chances  Novella    by  KETanner               174pages  Agent sells
Chris Larabee nearly dies, but has help from his Guardian Angel

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Sinful Seductions Issue # 1                  187 pages  Agent sells

Soul Searching: (OW)  by Sue N.
Epilogue to "Manhunt".

Tangled Web (ATF) by: VampyrAlex
Ezra nearly looses Vin after he was mugged, but when
Vin wakes up, He doesn't remember his life.
Will he ever get it back?

Higher Education: (OW)  by: LadyTracker
JD &  Buck teach Vin a few things & helps him
heal a wound to his soul

A Love to Remember: (ATF)  by Kimber
Ezra finally opens his heart to Vin, but can he survive
the possibility of losing his new love?

Shades of Truth: (AU)  by Jade
Chris, Ezra & the rest of the boys have to foil the plot of
an evil sorcerer & Ezra's secret could kill them all.
Especially the he loves the most.

Touched: (OW)  by LadyTracker
Epilogue to "Inmate 78"    Buck & Vin

A Better Plan: (OW)  by Sue N.
Vin & Chris plus a mischievous horse leads to an interesting day.

Fire: Poem,  by Jade
Ode to Chris

Tears in the Rain: (AU)  by Jade.
Sequel to Shades of Truth. And arrow out of dark leaves
Ezra wounded Will Chris' magic heal him?

The Commitment: (OW)  by Kimber.
Ezra's sudden illness and collapse, helps open his eyes
and those of his secret love.

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Sinful Seductions Issue # 2                    171 pages  Agent sells

Touch Me ATF   by: Kaed

Chris gets an unpleasant surprise when he makes a move on a sleeping Vin.


To Know the Difference OW  by: Chris J. Uberall

Vin makes an important decision.


Promises OW   by: Jilly Harris

It takes the call of death to make one see what life has in store for you. Chris must learn to let go of the one he loves again


Why Me OW   by Kimber

Ezra's life becomes more complicated when his affections are sought by another suitor other than his true love.


What Changes Come  OW   by: Sue N

Chris and Vin take a ride and ‘discuss’ some things.


Trapped   by: Steelknight

Touched and trapped, Something to think on


Utterance OW   by: TimberWolf

Buck makes a Bet, ..Can he Win?


Torturous Rapture OW  by: Jilly Harris

A shopping trip becomes an adventure for the two ladies of Four Corners. One that neither of them ever expected to embark on when they began their journey.    (f/f)


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Mistakes of Past
PtL crossover with Hercules aka Sovereign, Adult

Check Agent Site for Zines listed below


Poltergeist the Legacy,  Issues # 3, 4     Agent sells

Legends of the Magnificent Seven, Issues  # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5    Agent sells

LotR  'Sons of White Tree    Agent sells

Sinful Seductions,  Issue # 1, 2     Agent sells

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