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Writers Guidelines   /  Submission Info

We will accept Artwork, short /long stories & poems. Crossovers, AU,
Gen, Het and Slash ~ From PG to PG 17 - Adult X


Stories /Artwork can be sent via email to: DBP-Contact Us  or 

Demon Bunny Press!  

Please put in Subject line.   Submissions

Original Artwork should be in black and white; (pencil & ink, or 

computer art is Acceptable) If in color please contact us.

Stories & Poems  Gladly accepted.

You can send stories in MS Word 2003 & Ms Works 5, you can save as a text file (TXT)  But I prefer it to be in rich text formatting  (RTF). Submissions should be in Times New Roman 12 point. So please format appropriately. IF this is a problem, please contact us so that we can make other arrangements. I will also accept by 'copy & paste' into email if this is your only option. I can also accept CDs & DvD.

Submission Formatting:

/thought/ - I will remove the /'s and replace with italicized words. If possible, please put the thoughts into italics beforehand

 *emphasis* - I will replace with italicized or bold words as appropriate. If possible, please italicize emphasized words beforehand.

Please do not add extra space, or tabs to begin paragraphs & DO NOT use Double Spacing between Paragraphs   Please use a line or * for divider on paragraphs or Please could you use  ~*~  or  ~~~  or  ***** (just some suggestions)

Please use your Spell Checker, and Grammar Programs.  Please have a Beta Reader assist you, please ask them for help in this area if you are unsure.
**If you're not sure what a beta does contact us.*  I also require a brief summary of your story.

PAGE LIMITS are 2 pages for submissions / NO page limit on Artwork, Art work can be Color or Black & White. 


But to receive a free tribbers copy you must submit at least 10 pages,*this can be in combined with more than one story to equal the 10 pages submitted.* (questions on this email us)

Your story can not be posted on the Web, but it was posted to a list (in a rough draft format and Not archived, It is ok to submit.  ANY questions on this Please email me, I can explain it better if need be. I will work with you...

I will need you to give me your Full name and what name or nickname you would like place on your story as author.  And I will need permission from you stating permission to use your story.

Please make sure you list if there is character Death and other warnings as needed.
(Slash, Het, Adult, etc..)


As for posting your story to web… you can post it after eighteen months after the published date of fanzine.

IF you have any other questions Please feel to  Email Me!        


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