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Fanzines Available Listed below:


Some links will take you to my Agents page who's handling these fanzines for me.



Click on issue # 

for Ordering Information


Poltergeist the Legacy



 Hercules (Sovereign) & PtL crossover (adult*age statement required* )

Legends of the 

Magnificent Seven



this zine by EvilTwinSkippy Productions



Slash Fanzines

Adult (age statement required)



Sinful Seductions



Coming Soon!


Legends of the

 M7 # 4


Sinful Seductions #2


Stories written by Fans for Fans !


Accepting  Submissions 

For Legends of the Magnificent Seven #4  &  Sinful Seductions # 2


ALSO Accepting Submissions ~ 

Stories & Artwork for:


Andromeda, Magnificent Seven, 

SG1, StarWars, PtL, JAG, Highlander, 

Relic Hunter, FarScape, Kindred the Embraced

(Just to name afew)

If you have an story idea that's not listed .

We will accept CROSSOVERS, GEN, HET , & SLASH
  Oh and yes Artwork ~  PG to Adult -X ratings accepted

Submission  Guidelines



We accept paypal now! I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!



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