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StarbaseOasis copyrighted LadyViper

Welcome to our little corner of space. Where dementedness is always
going on.  Come meet the crew that helps maintain this station and its
many strange alien cultures who try to make a living here in the
entertainment and shopping industries.

We have many levels of entertainment here. There are plenty of lounges,
shops, and holodecks set up for your Enjoyment.
SO bring your credits and ENJOY.

All cultures, races --- are Welcome.    ( As long as SOC allows it.)

This isn't like any other Starbase. We are set up mostly for R & R.
We do have some ship repair facilities but nothing to serious.
We're just not set up to handle that level of repair yet.

( SOC budget cuts.)

But remember as an SOC station we do have protocols to follow,
don't be surprised if you find a JAG officer or Admirals
lurking around or butting into something.
They are here for your safety and to be of assistance if need be.

{ Yea right! }

And to all those others ...

Welcome to the Scum and Villainy of this universe.
{ Yes this means You! }

Captain S. A. Hara 

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