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Stories written by Fans for Fans !


ALWAYS Accepting Submissions


Premiering at  Media West Con 2008

Mag 7 Las Vegas Chronicles' # 2

Mag 7 Las Vegas Chronicles # 1 still available,

from Agent with Style.


STILL taking Submissions for zines below

Legends of the Magnificent Seven #8 

Stargate - Atlantis Utopia  #3(gen)


Supernatural  # 1



Taking Submissions for featured Zines Listed Below



Legends of the Magnificent Seven # 8 (Gen/Het)


Sinful Seductions # 3    Mag 7 (Slash)



Pirate's Passions  (Slash) Pirates of the Caribbean,

Looking for stories, poetry and Art work, humor AU, 

(PG -X ratings) all welcome 



Alluring Sins #1 (HET Mulit-media) Stories can from, SG1, 

Pirates of the Caribbean, JAG, LOTR, Farscape, Firefly, 

Highlander, Star Wars, Mag7, Andromeda, 

Looking for stories, poetry and Art work, humor AU, 

(PG -X ratings) all welcome 



Sensual Sins #1 (Slash Multi-media ) Stories can from, Pirates of the

Caribbean, SG1, JAG, LOTR, Farscape, Firefly, Highlander, Star Wars,

 Mag7, Andromeda, Looking for stories, poetry and Art Work hurt/comfort, angst, 

humor AU,  (PG -X ratings) all welcome



ALSO Accepting Submissions ~

Stories & Artwork for:

 Magnificent Seven, Stargate Atlantis

NCIS,  Pirates of the Caribbean

SG1, StarWars,  

(Just to name a few)

If you have an story idea that's not listed .

We will accept CROSSOVERS, GEN, HET , & SLASH
  Oh and yes Artwork ~  PG to Adult -X ratings accepted




Fanzines Available Listed below:

For a short synopsis of some of these zines


Click Here   SYNOPSIS




 Ordering Information 

Go to my Agents page who's handling these fanzines for me.




Poltergeist the Legacy


PtL Issues# 3


 PtL Issues# 4


Mistakes of the Past

Hercules (Sovereign) & PtL crossover (adult*age statement required* ) >

Legends of the

Magnificent Seven


M7 Issue # 1

M7 Issue # 2

M7 Issue # 3

M7 Issue # 4

M7 Issue # 5

M7 Issue # 6

M7 Issue # 7



Just When You Thought -  Mag 7


Second Chances Novella


Mag 7 Las Vegas

Chronicals # 1 , 2



Ashes of the Mind

this zine by

EvilTwinSkippy Productions

SG1 - StarGate



Issues # 1, # 2


Slash Fanzines

Adult (age statement required)


Sinful Seductions


Issue # 1 &  # 2


Taking Submissions for

Legends of the M7 # 8,

SG Atlantis Utopia # 3,  

Sinful Seductions # 3,

Supernatual  #1